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Christa Hardin (MA) has almost two decades of experience counseling and coaching couples. Christa hosts the popular Enneagram & Marriage Podcast. Christa uses the Enneagram and other great marriage tools to give couples deeper insight into how they connect with one another and glow brightly together in the world. For more, follow her on Instagram @enneagramandmarriage or visit her site: www.EnneagramandMarriage.com

Enneagram Type 9 Relationship Compatibility

The Enneagram Type 9, “ The Peacemaker, ” is a patient and understanding partner who seeks to truly understand their significant other and create a loving and harmonious relationship. However, the peace-loving Nine may sometimes forget that conflict is an important part of a relationship. They may avoid conflict altogether and instead resort to passive-aggressive behavior. Nines must learn to prioritize self-care and communicate their feelings effectively to thrive in their relationships with others. 

Enneagram Type 8 Relationship Compatibility

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on October 22, 2021

The Enneagram Type Eight, “The Challenger,” is a passionate and protective romantic partner. Eights love and respect a partner who challenges them to be their best self. They seek loyal and independent partners who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life and love. However, some may see the Eight as too intense and competitive. If the Eight doesn’t learn to soften their edges and embrace vulnerability, it can cause issues in their relationships. 

Enneagram Type 7 Relationship Compatibility

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on October 15, 2021

Enneagram Type Sevens are fun, enthusiastic and romantic partners. They enjoy planning creative dates and keeping the spark alive in their relationships. However, they can struggle with having difficult conversations or paying attention to the details. 

So, which Enneagram types are the most compatible with the Type Seven? There isn’t one answer. Sevens can be compatible with any of the types as long as effective communication and mutual love and respect are in place. 

Enneagram Type 6 Relationship Compatibility

Thoughtful and protective of those who they love, Enneagram Sixes make loving and loyal partners. However, when less healthy, the Six can come across as controlling and have trouble trusting their partner, which can lead to issues within the relationship. 

Which Enneagram types are the most compatible with the Six? The answer isn’t so simple. Any type can be compatible with a Six — and each type will experience their own joys and struggles within the relationship. 

Enneagram Type 5 Relationship Compatibility

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on October 01, 2021

Insightful and a bit mysterious, the Enneagram Five, “The Investigator,” is a thoughtful partner, who often surprises their significant other with small romantic gestures and desires to deeply understand their partner. Since this type needs plenty of alone time, they do best with a partner who understands their need to withdraw. 

Enneagram Type 4 Relationship Compatibility

Romantic and creative, the Enneagram Four, “The Individualist,” is a passionate and adoring partner, constantly seeking to express their love and make their partner feel special. However, they may have an idealistic view of their romantic partner and their life together. This paired with the Fours tendency to have low self-esteem can cause struggles in a relationship. 

Enneagram Type 3 Relationship Compatibility

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on September 17, 2021

The ambitious and determined Enneagram Three , “The Achiever,” is a devoted partner, who strives to shine for their partner and build a life together full of happiness and success. As part of the heart-traid , Threes easily pick up on the emotions of other people, but they can struggle to understand their own feelings. Because of this, they need partners who will truly recognize their needs and offer them consistent support. 

Enneagram Type 2 Relationship Compatibility

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on September 10, 2021

The Enneagram Two, the “Giver,” is a warm and affectionate partner. Twos are true romantics and they often put the wants and needs of their partner above their own. Their positive and helpful energy is infectious and, for this reason, they are extremely desirable companions in friendships and romantic relationships. 

Enneagram, Faith & Your Relationship: Diffusing Your Passions & Tapping Into Your Virtues

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for deepening one’s spirituality and in finding a truly fulfilling personal path. It’s also an incredibly helpful lens for improving unhealthy patterns and finding joy in your relationships. 


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