How Each Enneagram Type Rests and Recuperates

Everyone is different when it comes to relaxing and winding down for the day. How each Enneagram rests depends on their core Enneagram type, which also plays a role in how stressed they’re likely to get in different situations, and when they really should grab some rest and recreation so they can fire on all cylinders again. 

Here’s your Enneagram type’s most common rest activity when you need a break. 

How to Manage the Survival Games You Play

When we are stressed, frightened or hurt, various systems kick into action to keep us safe. Some of these are biological, such as the fight or flight hormone response that prompts us to stay and fight or run away.  Others are related to our personalities, such as the tendency to act out when our needs aren’t being met, or to protect our self-esteem from taking any more hits than it can handle. 

How to Find your Enneagram Wing and Why It Matters

Figuring out your main Enneagram type is just the beginning of your journey of self discovery. The next step is to determine your Enneagram wing, which you can think of as a co-pilot or a superhero sidekick to your main personality type. We borrow certain traits from our wing. This explains why people with the same Enneagram number may behave quite differently a lot of the time.

Type A vs Type B Personality: Ask These 6 Questions to Figure Out Which One You Are

Since Meyer Friedman and Ray H. Rosenman first developed their personality theory, people have been exploring the differences between Type A and Type B personalities. Stereotypically, these two types would be polar opposites. Type As are meticulous, organized and driven, which is very different to Type B’s more laid-back attitude.

Today, we know that no one is fully one type or the other. Still, if you’re wondering which way you lean, the following questions might help you figure out the type you’re closest to.

How you Behave When You’re Angry, By Personality Type

Everyone experiences anger sometimes, but how you deal with it reveals a lot about your personality type. For example, some types feel little wrath and more emotional regret, while others feel unprecedented fury! Because every personality type handles anger differently, it can be helpful to examine how each type behaves when dealing with this complicated emotion. 

So how do you behave when you’re angry? Let’s take a look at how each personality type reacts.


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