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Kim spends her time as a freelance content marketing writer and indie author. Her focus is on empowering others to make healthy choices, and personality theory plays a large role in that calling. What else would you expect from an IM电竞中国官网 ? She lives in the mountains with her ISFJ husband and two incredible kiddos.

What the Quality Time Love Language Means - And How It Can Improve Your Relationship

The age-old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” falls incredibly flat within the quality time love language. 

In fact, I imagine those who use quality time to communicate love find that phrase an embarrassing copout. The quality time love language – one of Gary Chapman's five love languages – is ultimately about spending uninterrupted and distraction-free time together. 

It’s friendship in its purest form, complete with a mindful presence. 

What Does it Mean When Your Love Language is Gift Giving?

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on January 19, 2022

Let’s be honest, the gift-giving love language gets a bad rap. 

Words like “selfish” and “materialistic” are often associated (by non-gift-giving types) with this love language, because it suggest you want to receive (as well as give) “stuff” from your partner as a gesture of their love. 

And it’s time to put these misconceptions to rest. 

If you clicked on this article expecting a blast on the gift-giving love language, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s time to vindicate the gift-givers among us. 

IM电竞中国官网 and INTJ Compatibility: As Coworkers, Lovers and Friends

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on January 11, 2022

What good is personality theory if you can’t put it into practice? Below we’ll walk through the specific dynamics of an IM电竞中国官网 and INTJ relationship as coworkers, lovers, and friends. 

The Things you Love and Hate Most about the Holidays, by Personality Type

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season. Do you love traditions or internally groan at the prospect of repeating a celebration? Everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes up an ideal experience during this time of year. Read on for each personality’s most-loved and most-hated aspects of the holidays. 


Love: Possibility is everywhere! This is a normal phenomenon for the INFP , but there’s something about this season of goodwill and peace on earth that is especially appealing and heart-warming. 

4 Fictional Characters You’ll Truly Relate to if You’re an IM电竞中国官网

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on December 09, 2021

It is no secret: we are wired for stories. Fiction allows us to stress-test and learn vicariously through relatable characters and fascinating worlds. 

If you’re an IM电竞中国官网 personality , chances are you’ve been disappointed by other articles that point to Michael Scott or Ron Weasley as your fictional personality counterparts. As engaging as these characters are, I’m guessing that you don’t want to be associated with the universally inappropriate boss or the insecure sidekick.  

ENF Personality? Here’s How to Stop Being Totally Scammed

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on October 08, 2019

For me, the word “scam” always drums up an image of a balding, pushy, used-car salesman. You know the type. He uses phrases like “deal of a lifetime!” and “I shouldn’t be doing this, but just this once …” You’re totally psyched, you did it! You wore him down! Only to sign the papers, drive the car off of the lot, and realize you’ve been hopelessly outdone. Bamboozled. You were effectively swept up in a manipulating moment and now you’re stuck with the short straw. 


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