6 Things ENTJs and INTPs Have in Common

The ENTJ and INTP personality types are often described as a great love match. They have a wide range of personality traits in common and that makes them really fascinating people to know, talk to and work with. When you put these two types together, something really interesting happens. They bring out the best in each other’s intellectual, logical and adventurous personalities, creating a dynamic and challenging combination where sparks fly.

Whether as friends, colleagues or lovers, ENTJs and INTPs can make a brilliant team. Here are 6 traits they have in common and how these quirks play out in everyday life.

1. They enjoy interesting conversations

Intuitive Thinking types love nothing more than connecting with someone through conversation, be it philosophy, science, politics or anything else. They love to dive into meaty, in-depth topics and are not afraid of a good debate. 

NTs enjoy questioning the world around them and when they meet a like-minded person who’s open to discussing big concepts, ideas and theories, they’re in intellectual heaven. This commonality means that ENTJs and INTPs get along well if they have a chance to sit down and chat. 

Neither is very interested in small talk: they like to launch straight into deep subjects. This means there’s no barrier to them getting stuck into stimulating conversation with one another. Both ENTJs and INTPs are open-minded and ready to learn from one another.

While ENTJs are naturally more extroverted and get their energy from being in big social groups, they’re happy to sit on the sidelines with the quieter INTPs and chat. If you’re in a group with an ENTJ and INTP, you can easily get sucked into their conversation too. This pair can be fascinating to listen to - but good luck trying to get a word in when they’re having a debate!

2. They’re always learning new things

For INTPs and ENTJs, the process of acquiring new knowledge never stops. This interest fills their free time and is at the center of most of their hobbies and many of their relationships. 

Both personality types are always on the go. They enjoy reading, going to cultural events, traveling and visiting museums and galleries. They love to expand their minds through different intellectual activities. Learning is one thing that INTPs and ENTJs can connect on, whether in friendships, relationships or professional environments.

3. They don’t worry too much about the details

While both personality types are very intellectual, they’re not especially interested in the small details and dry facts. These NT types focus on the high level, big picture concepts. They don’t have patience for details and practicalities.

This is true for both their discussions and daily life. INTPs and ENTJs aren’t the ones to get bogged down by meticulous, painstaking details and this means they can sometimes come across as slapdash and impatient. Attention-to-detail is not one of their shared strengths!

As a result, INTP and ENTJ relationships can benefit from adding a more detail-oriented person too! This ensures they have all the bases covered and not just the lofty ideas.

4. They value fairness

In keeping with the NT personality type, ENTJs and INTPs have a strong sense of justice. This is another important trait they both have in common. These personality types believe strongly in fairness, truth and objectivity. 

This can often lead both types to get into conflict with others. ENTJs and INTPs hate seeing injustice. They can get extremely frustrated if they think that someone or something is not fair. 

From colleagues cheating on a test to a critical law being overturned at the highest levels of national politics, nothing is more distressing to them than unfairness. This is something that can bring ENTJs and INTPs together in their relationships.

5. They challenge and question others

Whether they’re debating over drinks with friends or in an important meeting at work, these two personality types aren’t afraid to challenge others. You could say they don’t have much of a filter - if they think of something, they’ll probably say it out loud.

This makes these NT types dynamic and challenging people to know. You can’t expect to say something controversial and get away with it! INTPs and ENTJs will always question what they hear, read and watch. As rational types you can be sure that ENTJs and INTPs will bring forward the facts they need to support their argument and fight hard to convince you of their opinions.

At the same time, they’ll probably bring in fresh ideas too. This means they can be a huge asset to have in a team. Neither personality type is precious, they’re happy to invite challenges and open confrontation from others; they’ll either defend their ideas or take on new ones that they find convincing.

6. They love adventure and excitement

One clear common ground between ENTJs and INTPs is their shared boredom when it comes to routine. Neither type has a lot of patience for doing the same thing day in and day out.

These personality types seek out new experiences and adventures wherever they are. They love to be in dynamic environments where they can learn something or expand their mind. This means they often look for ways to mix up their lives, whether it’s through traveling, seeking out fresh friends or taking a job that involves lots of flexibility and challenging environments.

Neither personality type is great at sticking with a situation if they find it mundane. If it seems like a dead-end, ENTJs and INTPs will probably bail. This can make them inconsistent and flaky - but it’s also central to their endlessly curious personalities.

Together, ENTJs and INTPs can make a great team thanks to this shared love of excitement. They get giddy at the idea of dropping everything and running off to a faraway land for a couple of months. In their eyes, who wouldn’t?!

ENTJs and INTPs have many things in common that make them a fun pair who often get along well, be it as lovers, colleagues or friends. They can be fiery, challenging and quick to argue, but this is part of what makes them special.

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. She’s an anthropologist at heart and loves using social theory to get deeper into the topics she writes about. Born in the UK, Elizabeth has lived in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Dubai before moving most recently to Budapest, Hungary. She’s an ENTJ with ENFJ leanings. Find out more about her work at bethharris.com

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