Support describes behavior that is helpful and caring towards others. When people use Support, they notice what others need and look for ways to serve them. They are empathetic and compassionate.

People who are highly Supportive are described as kind, caring, and helpful. They rarely have their own agenda; rather, they prefer to help other people reach their goals. Very Supportive people spend much of their time caring for and serving others.

Support is useful in caretaking and helping roles. Nurses, parents, and assistants of all kinds tend to use a high degree of Supportive behavior. Highly Supportive people are less suited to roles where they must take command and make tough decisions.

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Molly Owens is the CEO of Truity and holds a master's degree in counseling psychology. She founded Truity in 2012, with the goal of making quality personality tests more affordable and accessible. She has led the development of assessments based on Myers and Briggs' personality types, Holland Codes, the Big Five, DISC, and the Enneagram. She is an ENTP, a tireless brainstormer, and a wildly messy chef. Find Molly on Twitter at @mollmown .

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